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Great Ideas

Some Great Gift Ideas

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  • The Number One

    Our biggest and baddest basket includes something for everyone.
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  • Snack Pack Series

    This gift basket full of snacks is available in price ranges to fit any budget.
    From $25 – $100

  • Michigan Specialties

    Delight in the taste of various, well-known Michigan products.
    Items Start at $5.95

  • Movie Night

    Choose a group of munchies and treats for your next Netflix night!
    Items start at $9.95

  • Bakers Delight

    Mixes for muffins, scones and breads. Sorry… this only comes with the mixes, but the baking is half the fun!
    Items start at $6.95

  • Preserves & Sauces

    Send them all or add a basket. From the SansSaba River Pecan Company
    Items start at $10.50

  • sexy gift

    For Sexy Couples

    Champagne, edible body paint and chocolate body powder for those intimate moments.
    Items start at $8.50

  • Golfer's Delight

    Putting towels, balls, markers, range finder and tees for the golfer in your life!
    Items start at $5.00

  • Spa Collection

    A variety of Spa Items. Send as a group or send just an item or two.
    Items start at $8.50

  • Pet Lovers

    Dog or cat baskets available.
    Cats start at $16.60
    Dogs start at $21.00

  • The Big Hurrah

    One of our biggest array of foods. Designed to cater to a wide range of people
    Call for Pricing